End of Season Gala Day

Hi Everyone,

As our season draws to a close with only 1 regular game left, we all look forward to the end of season finals and Gala Day which will be held at Blacktown International Sports Park and Home of the Sydney Blue Sox on the March 12.

There will be exhibition games for our Rookies competition as well as finals for our Minors and Majors comps. After the final games in each comp there will be a presentation.

Order of Events:

  • Games will start over three time slots – 8.30am, 9.45am and 11am; this is to coincide with the normal start times.
  • Presentation to conclude the day; will be held at the completion of each age groups games.


All Games will be held on BISP diamonds 2 & 3 see the Diamond Map below for details.


  • G1 – 1 v 2 D3 – 8.30AM (Exhibition Match Only)
  • G2 – 3 v 4 D4 – 8.30AM (Exhibition Match Only)
  • G3 – 5 v 6 D5 – 8.30AM (Exhibition Match Only)
  • G4 – composite team v 7 D5 – 9.45AM (Exhibition Match Only)


  • G5 – 1 v 4 D3 – 9.45AM
  • G6 – 2 v 3 D4 – 9.45AM
  • G7 – Loser G5 v Loser G6 D4 – 11AM
  • G8 – Winner G5 v Winner G6 D3 – 11AM


  • G9 – 2 v 3 D1 – 9.45AM
  • G10 – 4 v 5 D2 – 9.45AM
  • G11 – Loser G9 v Winner G10 D2 – 11AM
  • G12 – 1 v Winner G9 D1 – 11AM

Wet Weather

In the event of wet weather the following Saturday (March 19) has been booked. The decision to close the grounds due to wet weather is the responsibility of Blacktown Venue Management (BVM).

We will publish a Wet Weather notice on Facebook and our Website in the event of poor weather.

The Finals Draw

The finals Draw will be posted after all scores from this weeks games have been received.